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Its time to enter into the Promises of God

Apostle Terri Diggs

 My life is a miracle, for as far back as I can
remember It’s been a fight, car wrecks, life threats and even surviving the one called katrina. For me the supernatural is very real. Years ago I was in a car wreck, and I
regained consciousness to realize that I had been left for dead. With my leg trapped, I had no way to escape and due to the amount of Blood lost, I lost consciousness again. The next thing I knew an Angel of the Lord had
removed me from the car and set me on my feet, just doors from my home. Maybe I have a few scars and maybe I walk differently, but I
survived to know that God is real, Angels are real and without doubt the Holy Spirit is real. I’ve been to Heaven and I know what’s on the other side of a believer’s life here. I Also know hell is a real place and you don’t want to go there. If you believe in Jesus and you don’t believe in the
supernatural things of God, you better rethink that. Jesus and His whole message is about God, a loving Father who loves you and He is concerned about everything that concerns you. He wants you healed, delivered and financially fit.  

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